European Intervention in Rafah Crossing not allowed

European Intervention in Rafah Crossing not allowed

Gaza,— Maher Abu Sabha ,Director-General of the crossings in the Gaza Strip, said that “Europeans , after the conclusion of the calm  between the Palestinians and the (Israeli) and the opening of crossings, started to talk about their return to Rafah crossing to maintain security,  after they stopped since the political divide.”

Abu Sabha told ” Alresalah Net”,  “There is no need to their return as they abandoned patients who died at the Rafah crossing , while being  in urgent need to treatment ,” noting that the crossing is under Palestinian sovereignty and does not need European foreign interventions”

He pointed out that if Europeans want to help the Palestinians, they should work to lift the siege imposed on Gaza, and the reconstruct what Israeli occupation destroyed in the last two wars.

According to private sources, the EU requests to visit the Rafah crossing but was denied as Palestinian authorities in the Gaza Strip rejected the request.

Foreign Minister of European Union, Catherine Ashton, said in a press statement that the EU is considering resumption of maintaining security at the Rafah crossing, which has been stalled since 2005.

It is noted that in the November, 5th 2005, PA and Israel signed an agreement known as (Crossings’ Agreement), which included rules and standards that control the traffic through the crossings. The EU has been included in the agreements as observer on the crossing, but that the latter has withdrawn since the victory of Hamas in the elections

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