Killing kids, acceptable?

Killing kids, acceptable?

kiling  kids
By: Dr Hafidzi Mohd Noor

Obama mourns the death of children in a shoot out at school in the US. “These were beautiful kids of 5-10 yr olds, their lives (22 of them) were cut short (words to the effect). They have an entire lives ahead of them; birthdays, graduations, weddings, kids of their own…”. wiping his tears.

Kids are dear to us everywhere. the very same words can be uttered for those children of the same age whose lives were violently ended in the ‘killing fields’ of Gaza.

We are not saying this to the Americans. “Give them a taste of their own medicine.” God forbid. Our heart goes out to those children, their parents and families for such a terrible loss”.

Just as we were devastated with what happened in the States, our hearts have bled profusely for our beloved children in Palestine who lost their lives from the weapons that you furnished from the taxes of your own citizens.

Obama… you were saddened because the future and the hopes of the schoolchildren were dashed by the gun man. But you were not moved at all by the children who has fallen in Gaza. because perhaps in your eyes. the latter are not worthy of any hopes and future.

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