Palestinian family drinks medicine only, eats bread rarely

Palestinian family drinks medicine only, eats bread rarely

GAZA CITY () — Slim are the soft bodies; medicine only they drink but not water, and bread rarely they stuff themselves with. They moan with acute pain, calling upon people of  living consciousness, and whispering to them with words that ‘we are innocent’. It is the story of a Palestinian family encompassing 14 members. The oldest is 14 years old, while the youngest is 2 years old, who was severely wounded during the Israeli war on Gaza. He was hit by a shrapnel! He has been suffering from the lack of oxygen since then, and his brain was damaged, thus.

“My youngest son has Anemia and his muscles are stiffed,” Adel, the father– or better the passionate, bereaved father, broke out telling his own story. “He lost his eyesight, and can no longer hear”. “I myself have had many disease,” Adel said. “That troubled me psychologically,” he said further.

The family is living now in tense, since they cannot pay the rent and they are threatened to be thrown out to streets within eight days.

“We are penniless, even though we are 14 members of the same family,” Adel said. “We cannot pay our rent, and charity societies pay it on behalf of us,” he added. “If my rent is not paid, I feel compelled to sell my portion of the UNRWA’s given food”. Soon we will leave the house that protects us not from both, heat or rain.


” Seven of my children do not go to school. Schools need money, which I do not have at all. We barely hardly get our bread,” said the father.

“I am not begging for grants. All I want is a decent job to make a living”.

I worked as a tailor, then I used to sell refreshments. After all, I am setting home.

Throats are blaring, and hearts are moaning. Would a good man give a hand ?

The pictures below belong to the family.


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