41 Palestinian children killed during the Israeli aggression on Gaza


GENEVA, GAZA, (PIC)– A European human rights organization issued a detailed report about the child victims from Gaza, killed by the Israeli forces during the recent aggression on the Gaza Strip.

The report issued by the Euro-Mediterranean Observatory of Human Rights today, pointed out that the Israeli forces killed 41 Palestinian children, including seven infants and 21 under the age of ten, during the military operation which was launched on 14 November following the assassination of a military commander in the armed wing of Hamas.

It added that the figures and indicators collected by the observatory, in terms of the number of victims and the raids on the Strip, show that this aggression has been the largest since the end of the 2008 war, and noted that the vast majority of victims were civilians.

The report presents the facts in seventy pages that include live testimonies of the eyewitnesses, the families of the victims and the medical crews collected by the Observatory delegates.

The Euro-Mediterranean Observatory considered targeting children by warplanes as the biggest crime against humanity, noting that the Israeli forces had been repeatedly targeting the children during the recent military operation on the Gaza Strip, which had lasted eight days.

It also noted that, through the observations and the testimonies of the victims’ families, it is seeking to form a database on the occupation violations of international law in the Gaza Strip, during the period between the 14th and 21st of November 2012, and to prosecute the Israeli leaders involved in these flagrant violations of child rights in the Palestinian occupied territories.

The Observatory’s report called on the competent committees of the UN Human Rights Council to launch an immediate investigation into the deliberate targeting of Palestinian civilians.


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