demolition of Bab Shams village proves the occupation’s racism


GAZA, (PIC)– Fawzi Barhoum, the spokesman for Hamas movement, said that the demolition of the village of Bab Shams by the occupation, and the arrest of its residents represent forms of Israeli aggression on the Palestinian people, on their own land.

He told PIC on Sunday that the continuation of the programmed and systematic policy, adopted by the occupation to make demographic changes, demonstrates Israel’s racism.

Hamas spokesman has called for the need to support the Palestinian people and demanded all the Palestinians to continue to adhere to their land, stressing that his movement will be supporting every Palestinian defending his land and right.

For his part; the MP Jamal Al Khudari, the head of the Popular Committee against the Siege, has confirmed that the occupation army’s attack on the village of Bab Shams in the occupied city of Jerusalem will not stop the popular activities against the settlements and the apartheid wall.

Al Khudari stressed in a statement on Sunday that the attack on the village will increase the international solidarity and the popular activities, considered as one of the aspects of the resistance and steadfastness.

The MP also emphasized that such brutal treatment against the Palestinians, the peace activists and the Popular Resistance militants will not discourage them from continuing their activities until the achievement of their legitimate rights and the end of the occupation of their land.


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