A Palestinian intellectual calls for a 3rd intifada in West Bank


GAZA, (PIC)– Palestinian intellectual, Munir Shafiq, called for the launch of a third intifada (uprising) in the occupied West Bank to confront the attacks of the occupation and the arrogance of the settlers.

Shafiq, the General Coordinator of the Islamic National Conference, said during a meeting with a number of writers and elites held by Hamas Movement on Saturday evening in Gaza, that launching a Palestinian Intifada in the West Bank has become necessary for stopping the occupation’s arrogance and for protecting Jerusalem and the holy sites.

He stressed that there are strong indicators of the possibility of the outbreak of this Intifada, and said: “Washington is not able to withstand a Palestinian uprising for a few months and the occupation will have to retreat, on condition not to accept to negotiate with it.”

Shafiq expressed his conviction that the United States of America and Israel are witnessing a state of weakness, calling for exploiting this weakness to launch the Palestinian Intifada and determining the national goals.

Shafiq expressed his confidence in the future of the Arab Spring and rejected some views linking it to the American administration and claiming that the Arab countries’ revolutions are an American-made.

“The revolutions were launched because America has much weakened and has faced defeats during the last decade; which led to the failure of the American plan for the establishment of a new Middle East in the region,” Shafiq said.

He also pointed that the repercussions of the world financial crisis, which hit the major companies, have further weakened the American and Western control over the world, and stressed that the U.S. administration has become no longer the dominant power.

The Palestinian intellectual believed that the outcome of the Shale Stone war represent a clear evidence on the weakness of the American and Israeli administrations, asserting that Gaza has achieved victory.


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