Ashraf Masalma, 29 years old dies in hospital, Israeli jailers held responsible for medical neglect


Ashraf Masalma, 29 years old dies in hospital, Israeli jailers held responsible for medical neglect

OCCUPIED JERUSALEM, (PIC)– Palestinian ex-detainee from Hamas Ashraf Masalma died on Monday evening in a hospital where he had gone into a coma a few weeks after his release from an Israeli jail.

His mother told the Palestinian information center (PIC) that her son Ashraf died in Augusta Victoria hospital in Jerusalem where he had stayed several weeks after he had caught a deadly virus in his lungs.

Ashraf was a disabled prisoner in Ramla prison hospital where he suffered from muscular dystrophy. He was released on November 15.

The prisoner’s difficult health condition is due to medical neglect, which was exercised against him and against hundreds of Palestinian prisoners in Israeli jails, where some of them died several weeks after being released such as the liberated prisoners Zuhair Lapada and Zakaria Issa.

His mother held the Israeli regime and its prison authority fully responsible for the death of her son, accusing the jailers of injecting him with a virus that led to damage to his brain and lungs.

For its part, the Hamas Movement mourned the death of Ashraf Masalma, 29, from Beit Awwa town of Al-Khalil, and called on the Palestinian masses to march in his funeral procession.

In a press release, Hamas said the Israeli regime had detained Ashraf without any regard for his health condition and then left him suffer slowly in its jails, holding it fully responsible for his death.

Hamas hailed Masalma as a strong resistance activist who defied the occupation and his medical condition, and showed admirable patience, noting that he was from a family noted for its great sacrifices.


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