More than 166 homes in Eli settlement built on Palestinian-owned land


NABLUS, (PIC)– Haaretz newspaper said it had a certified map of the West Bank settlement of Eli showing, contrary to claims by the Israeli government’s civil administration, that at least 166 homes in this settlement are built on land privately owned by Palestinians.

The government had claimed on year ago that only two houses were built on private land annexed to this settlement.

According to the newspaper, the Israeli civil administration finally admitted that at least 166 houses in the West Bank settlement of Eli were constructed on private Palestinian land.

“Eli was established in 1984 between Ramallah and Nablus, and within years it expanded into one of the largest settlements in the West Bank, reaching nine hilltops and widening its control over thousands of dunums of land,” Haaretz stated.

Despite its growth, the newspaper says, the settlement never had a legally approved urban plan and its houses could not thus receive legal building permits, but following pressure from the settlers, the government started working on a zoning plan for the settlement.


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