Although media is going berzerk in blind following of all who are shouting: “Take Israel to the ICC!“  Palestine already did. Which not has been a success due to “legal technical problems” at that time.

There’s more. These “legal technicalities” which prohibit persecution of Israeli violations on Palestine’s humans and their rights is way more complicated than it seems.

For now, don’t set any hopes high there is not much going on at the ICC at all. Neither it will. And so Israel keeps relentlessly going on, violating all rights for as long as those in charge of the ICC: The United Nations make this change.

While Israel is violating literally every right possible, transgressing it’s obligations as an occupied as stated in the Fourth Geneva Convention, The Hague Convention, Occupation Law, The Rights of the Child, Minimum requirements of treatment of detained, the Universal declaration of Human Rights, and add all you like to the list. It is being transgressed without any sanction by this world’s judicial powers at all.

The simple fact is: Courts do not always speak what is righteous, they speak justice.

Justice defined in man made (f)laws and (escape) rules as written and defended by the great powers which installed them (mainly protecting their interests which not automatically complies with the higher moral of protecting interests of all human life)

And while media and political analysts keep shouting “Take Israel to the ICC” and the zionist lobby keeps suppressing any of those speaking out, it would be a great thing all of you reading keep creating awareness about the violations rather than who should sue and where for only global awareness – in the end- will force those in charge to change their racist stance.

Human Rights, should be valid for all humans. Including Palestinians!

In this topic we will update all related and relative news regarding the Palestine and the ICC issue.

Related news will be continuously updated below the article of JURIST

The International Criminal Court and Palestine: Part I
(Source: JURIST)

JURIST Guest Columnist Linda M. Keller of Thomas Jefferson School of Law explores the potential impacts for the International Criminal Court of new Palestinian status at the UN in part one of this two-part series …


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