Demonstration of national forces in Jerusalem against EU policy


OCCUPIED JERUSALEM, (PIC)– Dozens of representatives of the national and Islamic forces in the occupied city of Jerusalem demonstrated on Monday afternoon against the European Commission headquarters in Sheikh Jarrah, condemning its dependence on the United States, and its financial support of the Israeli policies.

The protesters handed over a memorandum to the Union officials, clarifying their position about the European Union economic and political policies towards the Palestinian cause.

“After losing its political role in the region because of the inability and lack of resources on the one hand, and due to its dependence on the United States and its fear of “Israel” on the other hand, the EU emphasized its economic and financial supportive role to the Israeli policies and Judaization in the city of Jerusalem,” according to the memorandum.

The European Union has recently designed projects ostensibly supporting the Palestinian people but in reality it penetrates the Palestinian position that rejects the presence of the occupation and its Judaization policies in occupied Jerusalem, the memorandum added, stressing that “Partnership for Peace” program aims to implement partnership between Palestinian, Jordanian and Israeli institutions.

The memorandum pointed out that the national forces in the occupied city of Jerusalem categorically rejected any partnership with Israeli institutions, considering it a violation to the national consensus, stressing to derail any meeting convened as recognition of the legitimacy of the occupation of the city of Jerusalem.

The national forces confirmed their rejection the position of some institutions that go along with the European approach, warning against the consequences.

The national forces also called on PA to declare its rejection to these projects and programs that affect the national rights.



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