Video :: Poverty rising in Gaza because of Israeli blockade

Poverty rising in Gaza because of Israeli blockade


Nearly 1.7 million Gazans are still suffering from high poverty and unemployment rates because of the suffocating blockade imposed by the Israeli regime. Many Palestinians in this tiny coastal enclave can’t even buy new clothes. They have to buy second hand clothes due to their relatively cheap price. Some even buy used shoes.

Eighty percent of Gazans depend on handouts by international aid agencies which help them maintain a minimum standard of living. Thousands of families in Gaza live in bad housing conditions due to the extreme poverty.For families like the Safareyas even buying used clothes is a luxury.

In the used clothes market where only a small number of shoppers can be seen browsing for clothes, shop owners complain of lack of customers. The Israeli blockade coupled with high unemployment rate is badly affecting the used clothes market.

Experts condemn Israeli blockade as a grave violation of international law.

Years of Israeli blockade have taken their toll on the people of Gaza. According to figures released by the United Nations, most Gazan families are impoverished and rely on humanitarian aid to survive.


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