Fake democracies backing Israeli terror

Fake democracies backing Israeli terror


Today I pick back up on a theme I will be writing about a lot this year, the abject failure of Western leadership in the 21st century, where the famous cartoon character Pogo once said, “We have met the enemy, and they are us!”

It has gotten so bad that I might have to consult my doctor for his advice on an anti-depression medication I can take each day before starting the daily news. The shocker this morning was reading about France’s blocking all pro-Palestinian public demonstrations in support of their fundamental human rights, including the right of self-defense which is enshrined in international law.

The West feels it has the right, for example, to take away Iran’s right to peaceful nuclear activity, and it seems the West has a long secret list of other rights it would like to selectively do away with. What we see going on here is more Western governments adopting the Zionist method of dealing with dissent and protest.

How? You just classify it as a security threat, which instantly sets aside any rights one might have thought they had. That is why I used the term “fake democracies” in my title. It was not hype, just an observable fact, which I can easily prove here on only one cup of coffee. And I am not picking on France. Most all the Western countries have an “erase your rights” button they can push whenever they want.

I wish I could say France’s reason for banning the protests shocked me, but it did not.
The pitiful reason given was, “…the serious risk of disruption of public order that such a protest could engender, in a context of heightened tension.” This is the standard subversion used now. Oh my, we have heightened tensions so your rights can be taken away without even a court order or a Parliament representative ruling? Yes they can be. But if we dig a little further, we find the “usual suspects” triggering this theft.

While these pro-Palestinian marchers were themselves peaceful and abiding by all laws and public decorum, the “problem” arose when they were attacked by the Jewish Defense League terror thugs, a somewhat theatrical troupe the Israeli lobbies deploy at critical moments, like this classic psyop I am describing. They wanted the anti-Israel protest shut down, and the shameful French government complied.

Here we have a known terror group like the JDL, an Israeli Intel asset which French counterintelligence is well aware of, deployed to attack peaceful protest marchers, and where the French government does not see its duty to protect the marchers from the JDL. The authorities punished these totally legitimate marchers by banning them all. If this is not one of the most glaring examples of living in a fake democracy, I don’t know what is. You all know what I am going to say here…”You just can’t make this stuff up!” You could not sell it as a movie script as the red ink rejection note would say “a totally unrealistic theme”.

I tied the terms “fake democracy” and the “Zionist method” together not as a smear, but as a silver bullet. You see, Israel has never had a constitution and no real public push for one that I know of. To have one would have given the Israeli Arab citizens the same rights as the Jewish ones. So to avoid constitutional court litigation over civil right violations, you dodge all of that by having no constitution.

As Israel Shamir told me in an interview here in Atlanta ten years ago, when an Arab family from the interior wants to go to the beach one day in Tel Aviv, soldiers checking their IDs can tell them they can’t go to the beach that day. The family protests of course, claiming that they have the right as Israeli citizens to go to the beach like anyone else, but the soldiers take out their instant eraser. The “reason” they give their unfortunate second class citizens is…”for security reasons”. Mr. Shamir smiled and said, “This is a very popular term with Israeli security people.”

Some readers might think I am over dramatizing this issue… hyping this French incident. But no hype is needed. This is a long-running issue that I have written about for years, going all the way back to 9-11, when the Patriot Act popped up, as if out of a Jack in the Box children’s toy.

We learned that it was not the result of a 48-hour miracle session of constitutional scholars and top legal minds, but something that had already been prepared years earlier to be ready to use, off the shelf, when the “right incident” came along. Even though this was reported at the time, it caused no outrage from the heartland of the cartoon American republic. I knew then we were in big trouble, and thirteen years has proven me right. Not only were we on the slippery slide, but it had been greased as well.

So now we all watch the grotesque spectacle of the French people being told they cannot peacefully protest against crimes against humanity for the people of Gaza because the French Israeli Lobby has forbidden it. But it gets worse, as Kevin Barrett reports in an earlier viewpoint where he nailed Obama for inviting Muslim leaders to a White House dinner, only to humiliate them with Israeli ambassador and anti-Muslim racist Ron Dermer as a keynote speaker.

Mr. Dermer, like all the other racist Israelis, likes to smear Muslims as coming from a culture of violence. He has described Muslims as having, “a cultural tendency towards belligerency…embedded in its foremost religion.” This of course is window-dressing for bombing Gaza with American planes and weapons in an effort to cure them of this cultural disease.

But at the same time, for those who read Israeli media, it is now the Ground Zero of cultural hatred and violence on the planet. The statements from Zionist public officials inciting revenge for the killings of the three teen settlers are too numerous to review here. Press TV readers are fully aware.

The virulence of Zionist hatred has reached new heights recently with the public statements from a racist member of Israel’s Jewish Home party, Ayelet Shaked. “They [Palestinian mothers] have to die and their houses should be demolished so that they cannot bear any more terrorists,”…”They are all our enemies and their blood should be on our hands. This also applies to the mothers of the dead terrorists.” Thank you Ms. Shaked for laying it all out for us. This may help the non-believers as to who the real culture of violence is.

Dear Mr. President, You really screwed up big time with your Mr. Ron Dermer insult. I know that the White House usually is considerate of guests whom it is hosting. But both Dermer’s track record and the orgy of hate coming out of Israel were known to you and your staff, yet you allowed this to happen.

You further embarrassed the country, and the Nobel Peace Prize people with your comment that “no country can allow missiles to rain down on its people”. We know you know the Israelis bombed Gaza knowing that Gaza would respond. We have all been here before.

The Gazans also have a right to not let American F-16s and bombs rain down on their people. You left that part out, sir. The Palestinians have a right to defend themselves, which you have effectively denied them with your comment. So shame on you, and you should send your Peace Prize back.

But that said, I thank you for not having the Aegis missile destroyers on station off of Israel as the heart of the Iron Dome system with their radars. The Israeli system looks like your usual defense contractor fraud scam. We are well aware, at Veterans Today, how poorly it has performed.

But you just left the door open for our Congressional Israeli Lobby sock-puppets to shovel out more corporate welfare money to Israel, which could be better used here at home, or for the long-term PTSD treatment for the Gazan children. Shame on you twice. As for Dermer… he can burn.





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