Indonesians rally to condemn Israeli onslaught on Gaza


Indonesian protesters have taken to streets in the capital Jakarta to protest against Israel’s relentless attacks on the Gaza Strip.

Indonesian demonstrators gathered in front of the US embassy in Jakarta on Friday, condemning Israel’s offensive in Gaza.

The protesters waved placards and Palestinian flags, demanding an end to Israel’s military action against the Palestinians in the impoverished coastal sliver.

Israel’s offensive against the besieged Gaza Strip has been going on since July 8.

The death toll from the Israeli strikes has risen to at least 264 people. About a third of the fatalities have been women and children. Nearly 2,000 others have also been injured.

The Israeli regime also launched a ground invasion of the blockaded enclave late on Thursday.

Israel had called up 48,000 reserve soldiers for the ground operation and the military said later on Thursday that an additional 18,000 additional reservists have also been summoned.

The Palestinian resistance movement Hamas has said Israel would pay a “high price” for the ground invasion.

Meanwhile, Israel announced its first casualty since the start of the ground operation in Gaza as a soldier was killed in the northern part of the enclave. At least five other troopers have so far been injured.



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