Anti-Israel rally held in Chicago


Thousands of people in Chicago marched through downtown Sunday afternoon calling for an end to the Israeli assault on the besieged Gaza Strip.

Waving Palestinian flags, holding posters and shouting into bullhorns, the protesters flooded the city’s streets to show their support for the Palestinians who have been under brutal attacks by the Israeli military, reported.

The protesters say Israel is indiscriminately killing Palestinians.

Israel’s airstrikes and ground assault on Gaza in the past two weeks have killed around 500 Palestinians and left more than 3,000 others wounded. Many of the victims are women and children.

Chicago protestors lay down on the concrete to represent the Palestinians who have been killed in the conflict.

A number of different groups joined the protesters as they marched to the Israeli consulate, including Jewish organizations, the report said.

Hatem Abudayyeh with the Chicago Coalition for Justice told Newsradio that, “People across the world are coming out in condemnation of Israel’s crimes and in condemnation of US support for those crimes.”

Israel’s Deputy Consul to the Midwest says they are “defending” their citizens against Hamas rocket attacks, which have killed only a few Israelis so far.

Hamas killed 18 soldiers in ground battles with Israelis and arrested an Israeli soldier. Two of the soldiers killed by Hamas fighters are said to be American.

The US government has publicly supported the Israeli onslaught, with President Barack Obama affirming Tel Aviv’s “rights to defend itself.”

The White House said Sunday evening that Secretary of State John Kerry would head to Cairo on Monday to meet with Egyptian officials in an attempt to negotiate a ceasefire.



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