We need global opposition against Israel: Gloria La Riva


Press TV has conducted an interview with Gloria La Riva, ANSWER Coalition, from San Francisco, to discuss Israel’s ongoing aggression against the Palestinians.

What follows is an approximate transcription of the interview.

Press TV: Why do you think the West doesn’t condemn the Israeli killing of scores of Palestinian children? Literally, we have President Obama encouraging Israel in doing what it calls self-defense.

La Riva: The West, which is led by the United States, is really seeing itself as benefiting itself from the Israeli settler project, which is its police force inside the Middle East for the wealth, the geo-political strategic position of Israel to oppress the Palestinians and be the danger point for all Arab and the people of the Middle East.

It’s really, really terrible to see the children, the babies – I think that the bombing of the boys on the Gaza beach looked very deliberate because the Israeli government, the Israeli military has no concern about the children dying. Every time that they get their billions of dollars from the United States, Washington, the White House, all those Congress people who vote for every dollar of bombs, tear gas, all the terror weapons, they have blood on their hands as well.

Press TV: Has the United Nations done its job to defend the rights of those children killed by Israel?

La Riva: The United Nations, decades ago, passed resolutions declaring that Zionism is apartheid, that is oppresses the Palestinian people.

But we have to remember that Israel was created by a 1947 UN vote. The United Nations is under the control of the United States, Britain, France, Germany and other imperial powers.

What is needed in the world today is a worldwide growing opposition. We saw thousands in London, thousands in Marseille, France, thousand in Argentina. People around the world are protesting for Palestine. I think that is going to be what changes the equation in the Middle East. We must defend Palestine every way that we can.

Press TV: For how long do you think Israel could continue with its pounding of the people of Gaza and killing the people of Gaza if it weren’t for the support of the US and some of the Western countries?

La Riva: If the US funding of four billion dollars and more a year for destroying homes, for building settlements, for bombing Palestinians, if that money were cut off, Israel could not last a day.

It’s only US money and support for Israel that keeps the colonial project going.

Again, the divestment movement in the world is very important. We need to see it grow.

The people of the world must stand up and demand that their governments stop support for Israel if in fact that is taking place. But our hearts go out to the Palestinian people, to the children, the women, the men, to the resistance fighters, to all of Palestine.



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