‘World waking up to Israeli crimes against Palestinians’


Press TV has conducted an interview with Scott Rickard to get his views on Israel’s ongoing deadly attacks on the Palestinians living in the besieged Gaza Strip.

Below is an approximate transcription of that interview:

Press TV: We have our guest of Washington [Richard Hellman] basically saying that this is all about the 1,700, as he said, missiles that have been fired on the innocent Israelis and Tel Aviv has no choice but to protect its people. Your take sir.

Rickard: Well, Mr. Hellman should know much better than that. He has been working with Israel for over four decades, since 1976. Mr. Hellman is a puppet for Israel, the head of the Christian-Israeli pact that raises money for basically, subverting American politicians across the United States.

So, it is no doubt that he is basically, manipulating the real facts behind what is happening in Gaza. Gaza is an open-air prison. The facts remain that Israel is the oppressor of a land that was stolen from the indigenous people and basically, since 1948, funded by the West and put people in an oppressive state. This is not a place where Monaco can be built or Capri can be built.

This is not a free place to roam. They have been blockaded since an election was made. This is not the scenario. The actually rockets were fired after children were being murdered, homes were being attacked. There was a lot of activity prior to the rockets being fired and this is a government that had been bombed heavily for at least four separate times since 2006.

So Mr. Helmond is a mouth piece for the pro-Israeli pact that runs the United States government. It is very important to understand that this is an occupied territory by a colonialist state, just like the Americans colonized North America and murdered…

I would say to Mr. Helmond, would you like to give your homes back to the Monongahelas and to the Iroquois and give them back to the Indians that owned that land for 12,000 years prior to the White settlers coming and murdering the indigenous people in North America. They are very similar situations. I know many things. I am a former intelligence linguist. I have been around the world and have seen many things.

Press TV: Looking at the situation today, over one hundred Palestinians killed today in one neighborhood. We saw bodies thrown all over the streets. Of course, Mr. Helmond is saying he did not see it, but we have live coverage, rolling coverage and showing in the video the children’s bodies, as the emergency units were trying to help the wounded and pick up the dead. They were also targeted. So, tell me, why the silence from the international community and what needs to be done?

Rickard: Thankfully, the international community is waking up. There is massive protest in London. There are massive protests in France. There are no protests, hardly, in the United States. There are a few in major cities that are smaller, but what we are seeing here is,
we are seeing a great response by some of the European nations condemning the slaughter.

There is even protest in Tel Aviv against the onslaught, where we have Israelis cheering on mountainsides as they are bombing Gaza and cheering, and it has been on CNN and when they are reporting it on CNN, the CNN reporters are basically shipped out because they are reporting the truth on the fascist individuals and the warmongering individuals that are basically murdering.

And you are right today was one of the bloodiest days of the last two weeks that this is a two-week attack and this is a sustained bombing attack for two weeks on Gaza. And Gaza is only about 40 kilometers long and about 10 kilometers wide. It is a very small area, smaller than most counties in the US. So, there are almost two million people living there and these people are suffering and they have not had a chance to build a state.

They have been bombed four times, massively in the last eight years. Thousands of homes have been destroyed each time. Hundreds of people killed each time and thousands of people injured each time. And every time they have to come back and rebuild. So, no. Mr. Helmond, is full of it.

Press TV: With this situation, what will it take to bring this to an end? And I am not just talking about another ending to this current situation where the Palestinian can actually be free in Gaza and elsewhere?

Rickard: Well, what can definitely take this to the end is you have to take Egypt out of the equation. With Egypt in the equation, Egypt is basically, not a good mediator. They are the ones that presented the lat so-called ceasefire. There was no stipulations in the ceasefire that were worth anything to the people in Gaza, the occupied people of Gaza. All they said there was that we will stop shooting at you, but they are going to continue the blockade. They are going to continue the trickle of water, the trickle of electricity, the trickle of supplies. Their control of everything.

The ports of have been closed for over five years. The borders have been closed for over five years. So no. They have not had an opportunity to build their country and if they were given the opportunity, they would get massive preparations. I’m talking like tens of billions of dollars, if not hundreds of billions of dollars. The right of return to their lands that have been stolen from them by the invaders of Europe and former Soviet states. They have also get massive apologies not only from their…

And then there will be war crimes, where people should be going to prison that have made the decisions to make these horrific slaughters against the indigenous unarmed people. When he says they are armed or are firing rockets, it is a horrible distinction.



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