Israel owns Western media’s microphone: Analyst

Israel owns Western media’s microphone: Analyst


Press TV has conducted an interview with Mark Glenn, political commentator from Idaho, to discuss the current events in Gaza.Below is a rough transcription of that interview:Press TV: First of all, tell us what it means for Hamas to send drones now or for the first time, unmanned aircraft into Israel. It says it has armed drones and it also has drones for intelligence purposes. What does that signify in this conflict?Glenn: Well, obviously what it means is that Hamas…are able to help in developing technology. How effective they are going to be against the Israelis is another matter altogether. Unfortunately, I think the way this is going to be played up though, is that every time Israel launches some type of murderous airstrike against women and children in Gaza, is that Israel will be able to justify what is on the ground now with Hamas, not only firing rockets into Israel, but now that they have unmanned drones, some of the armed, even though they do nothing but make a lot of noise, buzzing around in the sky.Hamas needs to take all of this into the equation. I realize that right now they have to do everything they can to keep morale up, and I think that is part of the reason why they are announcing the use of these drones. But at the end of the day I think it is going to be used against them in propaganda form.Press TV: Right, and of course, there is a lot being said about how this war can come to an end and how a ceasefire can be achieved. We are hearing a lot about especially in the Western media, with Israel saying, we’re being attacked… we’re defending ourselves against these rockets and as long as these rockets are coming, we are not going to agree to a ceasefire. Do you think that the media is portraying this in the wrong way? That it should make it quite clear that this is not about Israel defending; it is about the Palestinians defending?Glenn: Sure, Yes. Let’s make sure that we understand this properly. This is not a war. This is a massacre. This is a giant exercise in human sacrifice. No different from what the Aztecs and the Mayans and other countries did in times past, where they held together some kind of social and political unity in their country by murdering innocent people. That is what Israel engages in and this is what Israel has always engaged in.

We have to remember here who the invader is, who the attackers are, who the mass murderers are. It is not the Palestinians. The Palestinians are merely trying to defend their land. No different than any other country would do if it were faced with the same situation. The problem of course, is that Israel and her cousins throughout the world own the microphone in the Western media. They are always going to portray Israel as the blameless victim.

And in that regard, there is little that the Palestinians can do at this point, except to just endure on and pray that someday that a higher power in heaven is going to intercede on their behalf and is going to bring an end to this reign of terror that Israel has literally waged across face of humanity now for thousands of years.

Press TV: A higher power you say there, do you think the United Nations, the Security Council, then are not doing what they ought to be doing here?

Glenn: No of course not. They are never going to do anything in that regard. They are a rubber stamp for Western and Zionist interests. Remember Iraq was destroyed because the United Nations gave the go ahead to do it. Millions of peoples’ lives were destroyed as a result of that, and yet, all they are going to do is bite their nails and they are going to cry their crocodile tears.

They understand that they are dealing with a mad dog in the person of Benjamin Netanyahu. He is capable of doing the worst, including blowing up the United Nations building in New York City, as retribution for the United Nations doing anything that would be overtly counterproductive to Israel’s interests in the region. For that reason, the United Nations is not going to do anything.



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