Bolivians protest Israel’s war on Gaza


Bolivians have protested outside the US embassy in La Paz, voicing their outrage at the Israeli war on the Gaza Strip.

A group of Bolivians gathered on Sunday in front of the American embassy to voice their support to Palestine and the people of Gaza.

The protesters, holding banners and Palestinian flags, called for an end to the Israeli “massacre” of the people in the besieged Gaza Strip.

“Israel is looking for a false excuse to attack Gaza, to experiment with their weapons which they are making with the support of the United States,” said protester Ayman Altaramsi, adding, “We reject this and we ask for all the international organizations to reject this and to put an end to this massacre, to end the genocide.”

Another protester Rosa Mamai said, “I don’t know what kind of heart they (Israelis) have to have to assassinate so many children, women, elderly and disabled people.”

Similar protests were also held in Chile, Lebanon, Turkey, Britain, Morocco and Australia as anti-Israeli sentiments are running high around the world.

The UN Security Council has expressed serious concern over the growing number of casualties in the Gaza Strip, calling for an immediate ceasefire between the conflicting parties.

According to figures provided by Palestinian emergency services, the total number of Gazans killed since the beginning of the Israeli military operations against Gaza on July 8 stands at 508. More than 3,000 people have also been injured in the attacks.

The Israeli military has confirmed that 18 soldiers were killed in the conflict.



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