Campaign | Over 690.000 People Say: #iSupportGaza!



The savagery of Israel knows no limits in it’s ongoing assaults on Gaza.  Acoording to the latest confirmed updates of the Ministery of Health in Gaza at least 1000 people of whome over 80& civilians and many children are killed and over 5700 injured (update July 26, 2014) . 44% of Gaza-one of the most densely populated places on earth-has now been declared as a ‘No-go zone’ as OCHA reports. But Palestinians in Gaza have nowhere to go as Prof. Dr. Richard Falk wrote too.The devastation is unimaginable. Watch it here

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While Israel does it’s utmost best to deceive the world and convince others with it’s lies, even by paying liars to funnel up hatred and distorted news, the worldwide outrage shows Israel (again) is loosing the war on truth. Worldwide protest of a magnitude unknown before, show the tide is turning. It can no longer uphold the myths nor conceal the ugly reality it created since it started massacring around since 1937.

But Israel is loosing the war in media

While it smothers many voices in Gaza by literally killing them, the attempts to silence the press are failing as well. Journalists are fired for speaking out, and literally fired at as press buildings and press are under artillery and bomb-attacks as well. And several (photo)journalists have been killed already.

The lameness of Israel knows no ends, as it even forbade B’Tselem, an Israeli NGO, to read out the names of the slayed babies and children on the radio. You can watch the video here.

But no, it can not close the eyes nor shut the mouths of those who behold the massacres as they unfold. And social media shows this!

Even if it pays per tweet or post the employed in it’s ‘war room‘ who sell their conscience to create global dillusion.

We don’t pay for your tweets. Never. Humanity is not for sale. It needs your voice and the time is here to speak out once and for always. Enough is Enough!

#iSupportGaza Campaign

Last night @GazaYBO started to shout out on twitter for people to support Gaza:


During the night over 300.000 people voiced their support as well as many motivational and heartwarming messages to Gaza. Also many voice their condemnation about Israel’s barbaric assaults. You can read all the tweets at topsy

The hashtag trended all over the world and an increasing number of people is finally speaking out and so: exposing Israel and it’s lies; opening the eyes of others as tweeps from Gaza try to get the real news out which is often silenced by media.

You can follow and help Gaza tweeps tweeting reliable and live news from under fire here at this list.

Be part of breaking the silence, and tweet your support too!
Keep the messages coming! Show your support now!




One thought on “Campaign | Over 690.000 People Say: #iSupportGaza!

  1. ASSALAMU ALAIKUM, I support Gaza/Palestine, there is there is” boycott Israel”, I support I want to know what products brands from Gaza/Palestine for buying these products be best.

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