One Child Assassinated by Israeli sniper shot in head, Six More Killed In Gaza


The Palestinian Ministry of Health has reported that an Israeli army sniper shot and killed a Palestinian child, 5, in the neighborhood of Shuja’eyya, in Gaza City. Four more Palestinians killed in Gaza’s Central District.

– 14:20 Resident Imad Adnan Abu Kamil, 20, killed by Israeli missile in Al-Meghraqa, Gaza, several Palestinians injured.

– 13:44 – Medics located remains of residents Mohammad Yassin Siyam, and Rami Mohammad Yassin, under rubble of bombarded homes in Zeitoun Neighborhood, in Gaza.

The Ministry said that, Walid Sa’id al-Harazin, 5, died instantly. and that, after killing the child, the army fired several rounds of live ammunition.

The army also continued to fire missiles and shells into various Palestinian neighborhoods, and towns, in the Gaza District, and in different districts in the besieged coastal region.

Medical sources said two Palestinians have been killed after the army fired missiles into homes in the al-Meghraqa area, in Central District.

The two Palestinians have been identified as Tareq Zohdi, 22, and Salama Abu Kamil, 26.

In addition, Israeli missiles killed two Palestinians, identified as Ahmad Mahdi Abu Zour, 25, and Naji Bassem Abu Ammouna, 25, in Gaza.

According to data by the Ministry of Health in Gaza, 26 Palestinians have been killed since dawn hours Friday, while 826 Palestinians, including entire families, have been killed and at least 5273 have been injured since July 8.


 Did Hamas Used this boy also as Human Shield ?

When People will use there brain ?



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