Resheq: Israel’s massacres reflect its terrorist mindset



DOHA, (PIC)– Member of Hamas’s political bureau Ezzat Resheq said on Thursday that Israeli massacres against Gazan civilians came as part of its systematic attempts to break the popular support for the Palestinian resistance.

Targeting the UNRWA school, which was sheltering hundreds of Palestinians displaced by the current aggression, reflects Israeli’s failure to make political or military achievements, Resheq said in an executive statement to the Palestinian Information Center.

A state of hysteria has prevailed among Israeli leaders after such a failure, which led them to reveal before the entire world their blood-thirsty nature, he added.

He pointed out that these ongoing Israeli massacres have only reinforced the Palestinian people’s steadfastness along the past 66 years and their total support for resistance as the sole option to restore Palestinian rights.

Resheq strongly condemned the deliberate bombing of shelters by Israeli warplanes.

Israeli aggression on Gaza entered its 18th day on Thursday. At least 850 Palestinians have been killed and 5240 wounded.

For its part, Hamas’s Refugee Department charged that lack of any international effort to prosecute Israeli war criminals gave Israel a green light to target UN institutions in Gaza despite the UN flag raised over it.

In its statement on Thursday, the Refugee Department held the occupation full responsibility for targeting civilians who sought refuge in UNRWA school from Israeli shelling.



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