[In Photos] The Israeli forces assault the residents of Ein Al-Lozeh and their properties


Silwan, Jerusalem (SILWANIC) —Two young men were injured on Wednesday night with rubber bullets and dozens other suffocated during the clashes in Silwan that broke out to condemn the continuous Israeli war on Gaza for more than two weeks which led to the Martyrdom of more than 700 Martyrs and the injury of thousands where most of them were women, children and old people.

The clashes were centered in the neighborhoods of Bi’er Ayoub and Batn Al-Hawa and the forces used wastewater and tear gas bombs to disperse the protesters and injured many citizens with suffocation.

A march initiated from Al-Aqsa Mosque towards Damascus Gate in solidarity with Gaza Strip.

Around 2:00 a.m. on Thursday, clashes renewed in the neighborhood of Ein l-Lozeh after the forces randomly fired rubber bullets towards the residential houses and raided the house of Da’na family and assaulted the residents under the pretext of searching for “stone throwers” and also sprayed them with pepper gas.

The forces fired grenades towards the houses, cars and properties causing extensive damage to properties.

One man suffered fractures in his feet during the clashes and several others suffered different bruises.


 residents-of-Ein-Al-Lozeh-Gaza-under-attack-014 residents-of-Ein-Al-Lozeh-Gaza-under-attack-015 residents-of-Ein-Al-Lozeh-Gaza-under-attack-016 residents-of-Ein-Al-Lozeh-Gaza-under-attack-017 residents-of-Ein-Al-Lozeh-Gaza-under-attack-018 residents-of-Ein-Al-Lozeh-Gaza-under-attack-019 residents-of-Ein-Al-Lozeh-Gaza-under-attack-001 residents-of-Ein-Al-Lozeh-Gaza-under-attack-002 residents-of-Ein-Al-Lozeh-Gaza-under-attack-003 residents-of-Ein-Al-Lozeh-Gaza-under-attack-004 residents-of-Ein-Al-Lozeh-Gaza-under-attack-005 residents-of-Ein-Al-Lozeh-Gaza-under-attack-006 residents-of-Ein-Al-Lozeh-Gaza-under-attack-007 residents-of-Ein-Al-Lozeh-Gaza-under-attack-008 residents-of-Ein-Al-Lozeh-Gaza-under-attack-009 residents-of-Ein-Al-Lozeh-Gaza-under-attack-010 residents-of-Ein-Al-Lozeh-Gaza-under-attack-011 residents-of-Ein-Al-Lozeh-Gaza-under-attack-012 residents-of-Ein-Al-Lozeh-Gaza-under-attack-013


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