Today Israel murdered an #Anonymous. He was Legion – Tayyeb Shehadah RIP

 Today Israel murdered an #Anonymous. He was Legion – Tayyeb Shehadah RIP

Tayyeb Shehadah RIP

Aside more than 864 deaths and 5730 wounded in Gaza in Israel’s ongoing carnage, which is extending itself to the westbank as well. Today there where at least 6 people killed and hundreds wounded by the zionist occupation forces.

One of them, Tayyeb Abu Shehada, was assassinated by a shot in the head in Huwwara, West Bank of Palestine near Nablus on Friday after both Israeli settlers and soldiers opened fire on demonstrators. He was killed by sniperfire with a shot beneath the eye as can be seen on the photo below slightly below the right eye on the Guy Fawkes mask he was wearing. he adored #Anonymous.

Tayyeb Abu Shehadah became only 22 years old. But he was martyred in defense of his land and his people, against the occupation and suppression.

May Allaah SWT grant him peace in Paradise. Peace, he never knew in this life. And ease it for his loved ones.
Ameen ya Rab.

On social media #Anonymous expressed themselves and  Cybergorilla posted the following:


Tayyeb Shehadah wasn’t only wearing a mask, he was Legion. 1 of us. Today Israel murdered a Anonymous.

To them We shall join their struggle: nor shall We deprive them of the fruit of anything of their works, lower your weapons humbly for them, with mercy, peace and blessings be upon them who seek love.

Many #Anons online expressing themselves about this loss:

As #Anonymous say

We are Legion.

We do not forgive.

We do not forget.

Expect us…



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