Any West claim to morality dying in Gaza: Editor


Press TV has conducted an interview with Jim W. Dean, Chief Editor of Veteran’s Today, Atlanta about Israel’s ongoing slaughter of the Palestinians in Gaza.

The following is an approximate transcript of the interview.

Press TV: Whether or not the attacks do end today, tomorrow or within the week the question is these internationally regarded crimes have been committed in the Gaza strip against the people of Palestine, the Palestinians in Gaza…

What I’d like to know is will the Israelis ever be held accountable for what they commit in the West Bank against the people of Gaza; the past three wars over the past 5-6 years; and also the atrocities and crimes they commit in the region altogether?

Dean: Well what we have on display here once again is Israeli supremacism put out before the whole world that: we can do this, we will do it on our terms; when the pile of bodies gets big enough that we think is big enough we will stop and we will not stop before then.

And Mr. Kerry can twiddle his thumbs and do this; and they can stop the air flights; but they’re showing once again… they were really worried about the (Hamas Fatah PLO) coalition government and I think that what happened is that they saw this as a very big threat and we’ve just got to blow the whole thing up and buy ourselves another couple of years – which is what they usually do with these Gaza attacks.

What they’ve also did is they put on display that the condemnation from world leaders – while we are getting wonderful protests all over the world – they are also putting on display that the Jewish-Israeli lobbies in all of the various countries particularly the Western countries – they’re putting on display that we’ve got our fist around them because they’re all ‘mum’, you don’t hear a word of condemnation coming out from any of them.

So, what they’re gaining from this is they are showing the world that’s the control we have over your legislatures – US Congress passed a thing that they are right behind Israel, that Israel should be able to do anything it needs to do.

And as I had spoken earlier today, if there was a community of 1. 2 million Jews anywhere in Israel that were under some type of siege and they had self-defense fighters fighting back; and if this type of carnage with several thousand strikes being pounded on them and all they were doing was shooting rockets back in defense, the entire world, the Jewish community, most of all the world leaders, whatever country it was they would be sanctioning them, they’d be sending paratroopers in; they’d be doing everything they could to stop it.

But they’re doing just the opposite with the Gazans.

Really the whole reputation and morality of Western jurisprudence and everything is also on display here as to how decrepit it is; and how hollowed out; and how it really represents nothing.

It’s sad not only for the Palestinian people who are dying, but the morality… any claim to any morality by Western governments is also dying in Gaza as we speak.

Press TV: Let’s talk about the US’s response. First of all I’d like to get your thoughts on why the United States waited so long to start commenting on the civilian casualties and the civilian death toll; it waited for one thousand people to get killed to step up its diplomatic push for a ceasefire in Gaza.

US President Barack Obama has called for an immediate ceasefire. He has called this concerning the situation of deaths in Gaza, but still he states that Israel has the right to defend itself; and he always falls short of that line of condemning Israel.

Dean: Well, what we have with this wait… they all know this is going on… the goal with Israel, the bottom line is to be able to “degrade” Hamas’s ability. They know that they’ve stockpiled rockets; they’ve been doing some digging; they’ve been rebuilding…

And what they want to do, it’s a war against the people and every now and then they want to tear that down.

So, even though everybody knows there’s going to be a ceasefire at some point, Obama and all these nations basically know – Israel’s military people have been around to all of them – saying we’ve basically got to eliminate everything that Hamas has built up and we need a couple of weeks to hammer them. And then they all know that there’s going to be some agreement at some point.

And they’ve been through this – everybody knows the drill.

Unfortunately the public did not get out and start protesting heavily until about a week ago and I was astounded even after a week things were very slow; they really didn’t start protesting until the body count got higher and higher  with stories of the children being killed; some of the mosques and the houses being destroyed… it was the civilian body count that really brought things out.

And it’s just sad to see that 50 Palestinians dead, 100, 150, 200, nobody pays any attention; but once you get to about 450-500 now all of a sudden the organizing goes into place. So it’s just really sad.

It is a crime, but these countries now, a lot of them are involved with state-sponsored terrorism; they feel that they have unlimited immunity… terrible things are going on in Syria… So, nobody really worries very much.

And as long as they don’t put 100,000 people on the street in DC, or 100,000 in London, or 25,000 in Tel Aviv they’re attitude is “we can handle this, we’re going to do what we want to do – sure there’ll be some opposition, but it’s nothing that we can’t handle”.

Press TV: What is your perception of the non-committal Arab governments with regards to the cause of the Palestinian people and to the atrocities carried out in Gaza?

Dean: Well for them we must reserve a special condemnation. For a couple of reasons: they’ve been dealing behind the scenes with Israel for years now because none of them really represent their people and all are basically afraid of these color revolutions.

And of course Israel has been helping them in ways everything from surveillance and how to keep track of “subversives”. Then in the last couple of years we’ve now found them very, very heavily involved in state sponsored terrorism themselves with funding the Syrian war.

The UN has done nothing. None of the people have been kicked out of the UN; none of them have been censured.

So they’re in a situation now where they just turn their back. They do send money to Palestine every now and then to help build some homes and hospitals and whatever; but they never contribute anything to try to end this because they’d rather be a friend of Israel than a friend to the Arabs and the Palestinians in Gaza.

For them they have earned a special disgrace for their behavior.




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