‘We, in these streets, are Gaza: So what?


“Indifference is the essence of inhumanity.” George Bernard Shaw

Brutal inhumanity to man is now daily personified in Gaza while increasing across what still remains of Palestine. Israeli horrors rain down on an innocent civilian population not allowed to flee to safety of shelters anywhere in Gaza. The mounting list of “crimes against humanity,” premeditated by Israel shows Gaza to be the modern metaphor for globally pervasive, endemic immorality and barbarism now infecting the governments of most of the nations of our world.

These politicians’ allegiance to Zionist sponsored terror and inhumanity is not the world’s popular choice. These traitors ignore national cries for peace and a return to national freedoms.

Like Palestine, … leaders care nothing for us, our lives or futures. We are all instantly expendable. We are all… Gaza.

To be Gazan is to have your country externally controlled to a point when there is no hope or future remaining to be. Mere existence is at the whim of a cruel foreign master who demands blind obedience in exchange for routine inhuman floggings and the remaining crumbs of a previously proud civilization.

Surely this inhumane condition, now pervasive across Gaza as Israeli, “crimes against humanity,” are clearly shown again-and-again in other countries across the globe. This growing threat to sovereign nationalism exemplifies the dire, all-important need for all the “Gazans” of the world to rise up, fight back and stop the terminal infection of madness known as the virus; Zionism.

Gaza shares an all too similar fate to an increasingly subjugated world.

To be Gazan is to have your elected government officials sing the songs of national pride while instead working directly for the Zionists.
“The more we do to you, the less you seem to believe we are doing it.” ~Dr. Joseph Mengele

Like Palestine, many other nations of the world are functionally, effectively and quietly controlled from beyond their borders by Israel and its Zionist traitors to their own governments. Indeed this is a current symptom for these nations whose peoples have lost all control of their own democracies that only serve a Zionist and Israeli agenda, while ignoring more real national interests. This week a shameful US House of Representatives and Senate both unanimously sent themselves to the gates of hell by passing separate Congressional Resolutions congratulating Israel on killing hundreds of children, infants, and innocent civilians. There was not one human left amongst the inhumanely indoctrinated US government. What type of man sells his morality, and his elected office, to justify and sanctify Israeli genocide? An inhuman.

Further examples of external Zionist control and war mongering are rampant and growing more frequent in less obvious nations such as Canada, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, the UK, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, and almost all of the European Union.

Like the people of Gaza, the populations of other countries also understand the horrific, greedy results of Zionist influence. If put to a world-wide vote our world would stop this evil at once and restore peace, common sense and respect for human life to their former importance in their once moral societies; morality being the proper, nay, the natural human condition. Sadly for democracy, these countries’ politicians have also secretly sold their souls, and their votes, to the Zionist agenda long ago.

Of course the Zionist controlled media dutifully trumpets these traitors as true national patriots. While eliminating the inconvenience, the media creates and then preys upon general stupidity. The ignorant who, unlike Gaza, think they have nothing to lose collectively believe the media lies, looking no further for the truth than the flag pole of their tattered, tired, and discolored flags of national “freedom.”

To be Gazan means that your elections are a shame, if not, temporary.  It is small wonder then that Abbas rules his roost, using his PA storm troopers, from the comforts outside the Israeli made prison. The remaining days of his collaborations with Israel would be down to a matter of minutes should he appear at a protest after the past three weeks. The crowd would tear him to pieces casting his remains over the offending prison walls Abbas himself implicitly helped build.

Hamas, however, had the shortest election win in history. In a highly scrutinized election of Jan 25, 2006 Hamas came roaring to power with 76 of the 132 seats. Abbas and Fatah received only 43. Palestinians had voted and spoken. Israel did not like this effective democracy, of course, and arrested the majority of Hamas elected members and their two-week old democracy, frog-marching them all off forever to an Israeli prison.

Only Zionist aligned democracies like Fatah are allowed. Or else.

Worldwide, we “Gazans” have seen other governments overthrown by Zionist control. Egypt, Turkey, Libya, Ukraine, Sudan, Somalia, and a growing list from central Africa come to mind easily.

Should this usual sub-set of subversion or conspiracy against Gaza not finish the job, a violent, ongoing, bloody and mostly secret coup d’état has a recent track record across the globe of inflicting Zionist horror to perfection. Then democracy. See Ukraine. See Iraq. See Syria (almost).See Gaza.

While Abbas shows his keen willingness to abdicate his presidency and Palestinian sovereignty to a foreign master it is no wonder that Hamas, as the only effective and willing opposition, has returned as a political presence and a powerful force. By all reports Hamas was very prepared to do what Fatah will never do; defend Gaza. Their militias have reportedly killed over sixty Israeli soldiers with only three civilian casualties.

National governments like Palestine are also secretly doing their best to abdicate their country’s national sovereignty to a foreign Zionist power. This is the textbook definition of treason. The Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement (TPT), spawned in America, and the European Union(EU) inspired, Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP), are slithering through the halls of Congress and Parliament, soon to be subjugating every one of these  nations to a new superior world court of arbitration. Collectively TPT and TTIP will encompass the Trans-Pac nations and the European Community into a new world order of Zionist control over the courts and governments of all these individual nations and their people.

To be Gazan means to have your resources stolen by Zionist forces. Indeed Israel steals more-and-more land from Palestine for settlements. Israel also enjoys razing crops, orchards, hilltops and ancient olive groves of the impoverished Palestinian farmers.

More enjoyable than evil, however, is water. Israel, using lateral drilling, steals from the underground Palestinian aquifer, but will not allow Palestinians to drill new wells of their own, thus keeping Palestinians thirsty and Palestinian water for Israel. This is a shining example of the world-wide Zionist mindset.

“Those of us who are most genuinely repelled by war and violence are also those who are most likely to decide that some things, after all, are worth fighting for.” Christopher Hitchens

Despite the carnage and rising daily death toll in Gaza, Palestine has a weapon that the many Zionist afflicted nations do not. Hamas. The fight of Hamas is a just cause, vital and true that our world can see and support minute-by-minute and that the Zionist media cannot hide. The inhumanity of endless Israeli atrocity is the line in the sand for Hamas in Gaza, for Palestine and for the civilized world. A world, a majority, that demands a return to the humane. We are are all very weary of the crimes of Zionism.

Palestine and its ravaged citizens of Gaza are showing true courage not seen since the great siege of Stalingrad. Forged in desperation, with little left to lose their fight was for life itself against a Nazi scourge that had long before aligned itself, like Israel, with the devil himself. The sudden fate of history has thrust Palestine and Gaza to the forefront of a vital, pivotal, and all-important moment in history. Our line in the sand. The world’s. That of the remaining voices of reason laying in the ruble of Gaza. Palestine, like its brothers worldwide, will not take it anymore. Will not remain silent. Will not be kicked again. Palestine and our world must act in the true nature of those who are humane, those whose souls will not ever submit to inhumanity.


As protests rally in major world cities, like London, Sydney, and Tel Aviv we all scream for the atrocities against Gazans to end. For the genocide to stop. We are right. We are just. These crimes must stop. Now.

But do we all realize that the change we demand is a bigger, more fundamental change, a change away from the current forced and coerced direction of this purported deviation from humanity. It is a rational return to morals, values of life and pursuit of personal happiness including the optimism of hope in one’s future. Zionist philosophy has tried to destroy these fundamentals of humanity in Palestine, but this endemic social decay is ongoing in the same capitals of the nations that we all march in now. We, in these streets, are Gaza.

Hamas, Hezbollah, Syria, Iran, BRICS, and the multiple opposition parties suddenly coming to power in the recent EU Parliamentary vote have become world examples of the need to fight against growing institutionalized inhumanity imposed on us on behalf of Zionism. Like the Black Panther party of the 1960s these opposition governments have become populist movements due to necessity. Western media ignores the many social assets provided by these political parties, focusing only on their more visible but essential military side.

Battlefield reports consistently speak of the steely will of Hamas to bring, once and for all, an end to the seven year siege of Gaza. Deeper reporting shows the more important iron-clad will of the Gazan people to support this resistance to the end, despite Israel’s mounting war crimes, total disregard for human life, and a mounting death toll.

London reported 45,000 protesters, Sydney 4,000 and even in Zionist banned Paris protesters showed up just to be arrested. Indeed. Support Palestine. Support peace. But, remember… as goes Palestine, so goes you. Your family. Your friends.

If the Zionists win again in Gaza, similar horrors await.

You will be next.

Worldwide protests against Zionism and the horrors in Gaza must now grow exponentially with renewed realization of the true global evil manifest in Zionist Israel. These protests must swell with a demand for a return to the world humanity; a purge of the ongoing threat of Zionism.

Zionism is a madness. It attempts to rationalize, legitimize and legalize imposed inhuman conditions. Protests worldwide must now grow, besieging every Israeli and US Embassy en-mass until finally tearing the embassy’s doors forever from their hinges and effecting a world-citizen’s arrest on every ambassador, next depositing them gruffly in the Hague. With the cries of,”we are Gaza,” the halls of every Congress and Parliament should then be flooded with the outrage of nationalism temporarily destroyed, and every Zionist controlled, treasonous politician cast out to wander the earth in rags.

On that day there will be a sudden quiet over Gaza and Palestine. An overdue quiet settling upon the world. The bombs for the first time will stop. Screams will quiet, slowly turning to smiles, then again to childish laughter. The true humanity that is at the core of all decent men and women will begin to return to the daily fabric life. War and its Zionist master will be relegated again to the dust bin of history. Peace once again important.

The future of a new-born child a blessing, never again to be squandered.




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