Israel violates 3-day ceasefire, kills 4 Gazans: Sources

 Israel violates 3-day ceasefire

Israel has violated a three-day ceasefire in the Gaza Strip shortly after the start of the truce, Palestinian sources say.

According to the Palestinian sources, at least four people were killed and many others injured after Israeli warplanes bombed the town of Rafah in the south of the coastal enclave.

Meanwhile, other reports say Israeli snipers are firing at people in the al-Sha’af neighborhood of Gaza City.

The attack is seen as a violation of the ceasefire brokered by the US and UN. The lull was meant to allow Palestinians to bury their dead and treat the wounded.

The ceasefire, which had been announced by the US and the UN hours earlier, had taken effect at 8:00 a.m. (0500 GMT) on Friday.

Over 1,460 Palestinians have been killed and more than 8,300 others injured in 25 days of Israeli attacks on the Gaza Strip.

Ashraf al-Kidra, a Gaza health official, said 17 Palestinians were killed in Israeli strikes, including 10 people from the same family, hours before the ceasefire was to take effect. He said the family members were killed in an airstrike on their home in the southern Gaza town of Khan Yunis.





One thought on “Israel violates 3-day ceasefire, kills 4 Gazans: Sources

  1. This is definitely not a surprise! Ceasefires will be violated when want to carry an ethnic cleansing.

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