Biased Obama must return peace prize: Kaveh Afrasiabi


Press TV has conducted an interview with Kaveh Afrasiabi, an author and political scientist, from Boston, to discuss the situation in occupied Palestine.

What follows is an approximate transcription of the interview.
Press TV: Mr. Afrasiabi, what makes President Obama literally fail to mention what’s going on in Gaza and only talks about what’s going on in Israel?
Afrasiabi: It’s indeed very sad and appalling that President Obama has turned out to be such an apologetic defender of Israel’s war of aggression on a defenseless population that’s holed up in this large prison we call Gaza.
To hear him make such a strong plea for the release of a soldier who’s caught from an invading army that has wrought havoc on Gaza, causing, according to the UN officials, some 440,000 war refugees over the past three weeks or so, and completely ignore Israel’s atrocities, is just unjustifiable.

President Obama really ought to return the Nobel Peace Prize that he was awarded unjustifiably, because he has not shown that he is an apt mediator. He’s extremely biased in favor of a rogue state that has violated all sorts of international law, all sorts of humanitarian laws, the Geneva Protocol under the protection of civilians in war zones and so on, and condemned by all the high officials of the United Nations from the refugee agency, the human rights and so on.

The US is really hurting its own image in the Muslim world and indeed the world community by turning into this unapologetic defender of an aggressive state that is out to destroy the Palestinian people per se, because this has all the elements of a genocidal war with so many hundreds of thousands turned refugees, tens of thousands injured and so many innocent people killed, with no…immediate ending.
Add to that, according to all independent observers, it was Israel that broke the truce by attacking and killing civilians in Rafah, and Hamas retaliated. Unfortunately, neither Obama nor his Secretary of State John Kerry saw that, and they preferred to only have selective attention to the wars in Gaza, and blame Hamas and the Palestinians. That’s really unfortunate.
Press TV: Of course we know that ceasefires have never led to peace, although they’ve led to temporary peace. What can result in a long-term peace?
Afrasiabi: I really think that the US is now showing its true color by resupplying munitions to Israel and so on, and it’s not an honest broker. John Kerry, by so blatantly exonerating Israel and only blaming Hamas for the breakdown of the ceasefire, gets an “F” in my report card.
I think we need neutral mediators, to have some countries get together with the UN, to come in and institute a ceasefire, because you have a biased party that is the US that is helping Israel in this quasi-ceasefire that are meant to break down so Israel can continue with its atrocities, killing more Palestinians and destroying more homes and so on in the name of self defense.
But what about the Palestinians? They have their legitimate right of resistance against an invading army, according to any UN charter and so forth. Unfortunately the United States has chosen to isolate it in the international community by underwriting Israel’s war and war crimes.




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