US Congress need to be cleansed of AIPAC control: Columnist

 US Congress need to be cleansed of AIPAC control

Press TV has conducted an interview with Stew Webb, a columnist at Veteran’s Today, in Kansas, about the CIA apologizing to US Senate lawmakers after they were caught hacking Senate computers investigating CIA torture practices.

The following is an approximate transcript of the interview.

Press TV: This is quite a sad judgment on the CIA Director himself isn’t it because he denied these very charges in March?

Webb: It is a sad situation. But we have a government – I’ve been on your shows before about US spying – the United States government is out of control and they’re out of control with the Israeli government. It’s intertwined.

It is this American Israeli pact; it’s this Bush crime syndicate that has brought all this about since 1991 with soft wars and the Westar satellites; and now we’ve got it buried in the NSA. We’ve got these trap doors that are buried in every country around the world – all their intelligence communities and their satellites have been buried there since 1991with Dim’s law – it’s called Promise Two now.

Everybody on the planet is a walking signature and I don’t like it any more than any other human being likes it. We shouldn’t have this going on.

And the situation with one agency spying on the other agency… this was all brought about really heavy when you look at George W. Bush and Dick Cheney. These people committed war crimes; crimes against humanity – they’ve been indicted in The Hague over this and the Iraq war and the Afghan war and the whole bit.

We as Americans in my opinion should put a stop to it. It’s come to a point we need to have over here a House cleansing. And this entire Congress and the entire Senate is controlled through money through this AIPAC group and that’s the problem that we have here.

Press TV: I’m wondering if you can explain to us, why would the CIA want to spy on the very gatekeepers who keep the system going?

Webb: They gave them the laws to do it and so they’re spying on behalf of the crime syndicate. That’s basically what it comes down to.

George walker Herbert Bush when he became Vice President of the United States back in 1981 he went into massive overdrive and nobody has looted and robbed any country in the world like this guy looted this country and put in the controls and set up assassination team. Under Ollie North they did all kinds of things that were so far off the charts it’s unbelievable.

Now we have the evidence. Veteran’s today has been reporting on it, Gordon Duff who you bring on all the time and many of the journalists and editors at Veteran’s Today have reported on this massive amount of material that they’ve accumulated from Russian intelligence, French intelligence, even US intelligence showing that these people bombed the buildings on the day of September 11th 2001 here in America – They used nukes to do it that they stole right out of our nuclear arsenal in Amerillo, Texas.

And I have just done a report on the Oklahoma City bombing, which I investigated heavily back in the1990s with many other people in the intelligence community who provided me with a lot of information. We have found out that it was a nuke that went off there and that it was a nuke stolen out of our arsenal that Israel re-modified and used.

It’s time that we shut them down.

We’re seeing a country over there (Israel) and we’re seeing this US administration and the bizarre things our US Congress and Senate are saying that they are allowing atrocities – we’re talking about what’s going in Gaza.

I wish I could put a stop to it, I wish I could go over there and arrest the Israeli leaders and put them in handcuffs, but I’m not capable of doing that – one man can’t do it. But I think we all need to share blame on this for not doing something about it.

These people are just mass murdering and doing Genocide and it’s all to deal with this New World Order dominance where they want to have Jerusalem as the capital of the world, period.

We can see it with Ukraine, we can see it with Afghanistan, the ISIL, we can see with Ukraine; and the Jewish power over their struggle what’s going on over in Syria; they want to expand it into Iran.





One thought on “US Congress need to be cleansed of AIPAC control: Columnist

  1. the killing of innocent civilians in Gaza and the West Bank is nothing new, the Israelis have even killed American , I will never forget the attack on the unarmed U.S.Liberty ship, 34 were killed and 174 were injured the attackers were never brought to U.S. Justice. Rachel Corrie was run over by a military D-9 Israeli bulldozer, and the list goes on. we continue to support the Israeli military with munitions and U.S. Dollars. the British obtained court orders against top Israeli officers, now they don’t go to England for fear of arrest, Our judicial system is at least as good as theirs, and we can collaborate with them to bar these war time criminals from entering the U.S. and raising money for their crimes.

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