US quick to support Israel attackers: Richard Herman

 US quick to support Israel attackers

Press TV has conducted an interview with Richard Herman, Orange County Friends of Palestine, from California, to discuss the situation in occupied Palestine.

What follows is an approximate transcription of the interview.

Press TV: Regardless of whether Hamas itself has captured this soldier, it seems that this soldier has been captured by somebody on the Palestinian resistance side. How do you assess that situation and what does it mean going forward?

Herman: This is a very good thing from the standpoint of the Gazans. Israel is very, very worried and concerned about captured soldiers. They don’t mind capturing and jailing Palestinian Arabs by the thousands but if one of their soldiers gets captured it’s the end of the world.

It’s hard to assess just how this will play out. The previous soldier that was captured led to all kinds of significant events, including the release of a number of Palestinian captives. So, this may go the same way. It may have a bearing on the ceasefires and on the siege of Gaza, or may not. We’ll just have to wait and see.

The breaking of the ceasefire is a tragedy but it’s almost a foregone conclusion that it would be broken because the Israelis expected to send their troops into Gaza to do their tunnel searches with the expectations that the Gazans would just sit back and watch them. Well, this is ridiculous. They’re not going to do that. The fact that the Gazans fought back on their own territory was no pretext to break the ceasefire.

Press TV: How do you feel about the White House’s reaction when news of this captured soldier came out? They’ve called it barbaric and even used other words such as outrageous. In context of what’s happening in Gaza with these many civilian casualties it does seem like an odd response, does it not?

Herman: It’s shameful, absolutely shameful. Our leaders including, I’m sorry to say, our president have no scruples on this. They are quick to blame the victim and support the attacker. It’s shameful but it’s been going on now for 50 years. I guess there’s no end to it.





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