What lies behind Israel war on Gaza?

Smoke rises after an Israeli air strike in Rafah, in the southern Gaza Strip

Smoke rises after an Israeli air strike in Rafah, in the southern Gaza Strip

The world is witnessing the ruthless killing of civilians in the Gaza Strip and the destruction of houses and infrastructure in this besieged enclave.

Strikes and terrorist operations by the Israeli military against Palestinian civilians are not uncommon and have been ongoing since the occupation of Palestine six decades ago.

But the ongoing Israeli attacks in the occupied lands are in line with a complicated and trans-regional scenario whose victims are innocent Palestinian women and children. The racist Israeli regime is tasked with carrying out this scenario.

The silence of influential countries, particularly the United States, vis-à-vis the Israeli crimes is a piece in a dangerous political puzzle.

The following three points shed light on this anti-Palestine scenario designed jointly by the US, Israel and Saudi Arabia.

1. A recent agreement between rival Palestinian factions Hamas and Fatah for the establishment of a unity government struck a strategically political blow to the Zionist regime and the US government.

Washington and Tel Aviv have always been seeking to sow discord between the Palestinian Authority and jihadist groups like Hamas and Islamic Jihad movement in order to overshadow the struggles for ending the racist Israeli occupation of Palestine. To that effect, in order to be able to continue its usurpation of the Palestinian lands, Israel has stifled any protesting voice in Palestine. Therefore, division among Palestinian groups would be the best policy for weakening their struggles and creating a safe haven for the main enemy, Israel.

The Hamas-Fatah deal concerns the formation of a Palestinian government within the 1967-demarcated borders, but in the Israelis’ eyes, that could encourage the Palestinian groups to further struggle for regaining the rights denied them.

Israel’s incessant military strikes on Gaza Strip in the past week have hindered a new order taking shape in Palestine. The Israeli media’s false propaganda that Tel Aviv is only responding to Hamas’ firing of missiles is aimed at justifying the Israeli crimes in the Gaza Strip and manipulating the PA to reconsider its political relations with Hamas.

2. Iran’s nuclear talks with six world powers in Vienna are tough and intensive, but they are making headway. This is exactly what the Zionists do not desire. The Zionists have long been pursuing their Iranophobia project in an attempt to fish in troubled waters. The Zionists could not hide their wrath following Iran’s interim nuclear accord with the six countries in November last year and they ratcheted up pressure on the White House to scupper the deal.

Once again, the Zionists fear that Iran may reach an accord with the world powers on the weekend and that is why the Israeli regime is attacking Gaza in a bid to cause a rift between Tehran and Washington. Iran has always been a firm supporter of the Palestinian people while the US has never hesitated to support Israel. Under the present circumstances, any escalation of violence in Gaza will affect the Vienna nuclear talks because it is a common knowledge that a relative political understanding between Tehran and Washington is key to a permanent nuclear deal.

3. The third hidden objective pursued by Israel in its Gaza strikes is to marginalize the Takfiri ISIL offensive in Iraq. Before Israel went on its killing spree in Gaza Strip, the international attention was focused on the Iraqi crisis which was triggered by the ISIL terrorists. Now, the crisis in Iraq has been eclipsed by the conflict in Gaza. A significant point which unveils the ISIL’s affiliation with security and intelligence services in the West and in Israel is that the ISIL militants, claiming to be fighting for Islam, have not taken any action against the biggest enemy of Muslims, who are the Zionists, and they have even been struggling for the destabilization of Iraq, which has long been desired by the Zionists.

The three aforementioned points, coupled with the silence of international bodies on the Israeli crimes against Gazans show that Israel’s decision to strike the Gaza Strip has had the approval of the US and Britain.

Last but not least, the life and security of defenseless civilians in Palestine have become a tool in the hands of world powers to realize their objectives in the Middle East region. This is the modern barbarism exercised by some world powers. This heinous and inhumane policy has even elicited protests from human rights and pacifist groups in the Western countries.

Pacifist and human rights groups are hoped to become more active and take a position vis-à-vis the ongoing tragedy in Gaza in a bid to bring a halt to the massacre of Gazans and shed light on the ominous objectives of world powers. Muslim governments also shoulder a heavy responsibility in defending the cause of the Palestinians in defending their homeland against Israeli occupiers.





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