Zionist regime is all about expansion: Brandon Martinez


Press TV has conducted an interview with Brandon Martinez, a journalist and author, from Ontario, to discuss the situation in occupied Palestine.

What follows is an approximate transcription of the interview.

Press TV: I find it interesting and I want to get your opinion on this, that just as the UN said that it was an unconditional ceasefire, John Kerry said Israel will still continue “defensive operations”. How do you feel about that?

Martinez: That’s the typical double speak that we see from American politicians. They’re always landing their diplomacy in favor of Israel.

Regardless of whether there would be a ceasefire, the Israelis will continue covert operations against the Palestinians. They’re not going to stop their slaughter. Their barbaric blitzkrieg in Gaza will continue.

John Kerry basically acts as a mouthpiece for AIPAC and the Zionist lobbies in America whose objectives is just to tow the line of Netanyahu.

Press TV: We seem to have entered a game of ceasefire at this point because it’s all talk about ceasefires at the United Nations and other international bodies, but nobody is talking about a more final permanent solution to this issue, why is that?

Martinez: Because the big powers in the West don’t want a permanent solution.

The solution that would be best for everybody would be to create a one-state solution where Christians, Muslims and Jews can live together peacefully, but that is antithetical to the interests of the Zionist regime. The Zionist regime is all about expansion. It’s all about maintaining the Jewish majority in the land that they’ve usurped and stolen since 1948.

If there are actual discussions about creating a one-state solution where everybody has equal rights in Palestine, then the interests of the Zionist regime will be jeopardized completely. So, this cannot be allowed in the eyes of the Zionist.

Press TV: Many people are saying the tide is turning, especially we’ve seen in Canada, for example, very large protests taking place, and in other protests around the world as well – Western capitals. Do you believe the tide is changing? How much longer will we have to wait before things finally change in Western capitals?

Martinez: Certainly public opinion has shifted dramatically in favor of the Palestinians. Israel onslaught in Gaza has been so barbaric, so grotesque – over 1,000 Palestinians have been butchered essentially like cattle. We’ve seen little children killed playing soccer on the beach, the videos have emerged. Israel’s barbarity and constant inhumanity has been down this way for the whole world to see.

I do have hope that there will be a change in public opinion globally, and that this pressure can be put on Israel through the boycott, divestment and sanctions movement. And eventually there will be enough pressure, enough people will be aware of this subject to bring an end to this tyranny.





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