Gaza casualties stocked up in vegetable refrigerators as death toll tops 1650



GAZA, (PIC)– Dozens of Palestinians were killed while scores have been left wounded in a renewed Israeli raid on central and southern Gaza. Several dead bodies have been recovered from beneath the ruins, bringing death toll of Gaza civilians killed Saturday to 50.

An on-the-spot observer told Quds Press two Palestinians were killed as the Israeli drone jets unleashed rockets on Palestinian communities in Rafah, south of the Gaza Strip.

Three more citizens were killed while another was left severely wounded in an Israeli strike on Palestinian civilian homes east of al-Maghazi refugee camp.

Palestinian medics said seven civilian bodies were recovered from beneath the ruins of al-Tanour and Al-Jnina neighborhoods east of Gaza.

The Israeli fighting jets reduced three Palestinian homes to rubble north of the Gaza Strip.

In a related context, Palestinian medics said the number of casualties killed in the Israeli genocide in Rafah Friday afternoon topped 70 so far. 300 civilians sustained severe wounds in the process while some 270 civilian homes were destroyed moments before the U.S. and U.N-brokered ceasefire was announced Friday morning.

The central market and the Rafah crossing were targeted with Israeli mortars, leading to an unparalleled state of panic among the Palestinian passengers trapped at the crossing, the sources added.

Death toll of Gaza civilians has hit 1660 so far; all mass-murdered in the wave of Israeli genocides stepped up for the past 26 days running.

A state of grim sadness has overwhelmed bleeding Rafah streets, where bodies have been lying beneath the piles of ruins into which Palestinian homes and institutions have been turned in the wake of the Israeli raids.

Medics said they were forced to store dozens of bodies in vegetable refrigerators.

The death toll of the Israeli offensive on Rafah over the past few days has gone up to 101 while some 400 civilians sustained severe injuries following a barrage of Israeli canon shells

Gaza hospitals have been overcrowded with slain bodies and injured civilians. Abu Youssef al-Najar hospital in Rafah was evacuated after being hit with rounds of Israeli mortars.

“This is the most notorious of genocides ever committed. There are no hospitals to treat our casualties. We’ve been storing the bodies of our murdered offspring in vegetable refrigerators,” Palestinian citizen Amjad Abu Atiya, stuck at the ruins, said.

“This is a war crime,” Atiya added calling on the international concerned parties to immediately step in so as to ensure the access of Gaza rescue crews to the casualties.

Eyewitnesses in Khuzaa said 25 dead bodies were recovered from under the ruins early Friday morning.




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