[Video] UNRWA official breaks down on air over Gaza deaths



A UN aid official breaks into tears live on air while speaking about a recent Israeli attack on a UN-run school in Gaza as the Israeli regime’s offensive continues to take its toll on Palestinian civilians.

Christopher Gunness, a spokesman for the UN Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees in the Near East (UNRWA), in a live interview with Al Jazeera Arabic, burst into tears while commenting on Israel’s fatal assault on the UN-run school in the city of Jabalia situated in the northern Gaza Strip.

“The rights of Palestinians, even their children, are wholesale denied and its appalling,” the UNRWA official said before he collapsed into tears in front of the camera.

The UNRWA official did not manage to regain his composure and began sobbing with his head in his hands. The camera later panned away from him as a colleague rushed to comfort him.

On July 30, nearly 20 Palestinians were reportedly killed and dozens of others wounded after the Israeli military shelled the UNRWA school, where some 3,300 people had been taking refuge.

UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon has condemned the Israeli assault as “outrageous” and “unjustifiable.” The United States and France have also censured Tel Aviv’s deadly raid on the school.

UNRWA Commissioner General Pierre Krahenbuhl said in a statement on Wednesday that Israel’s inhumane acts of violence were bringing shame to the world, stressing, “This is an affront to all of us, a source of universal shame. Today the world stands disgraced.”

Some 1,460 Palestinians, many of whom women and children, have so far been killed and over 8,400 others injured since the Israeli military first launched its offensive against the densely-populated Palestinian sliver on July 8.

Israel and the Palestinian resistance movement Hamas had agreed to an unconditional 72-hour ceasefire which took effect at 8:00 a.m. local time (0500 GMT) on Friday. However, according to Palestinian sources, Israeli forces violated the truce shortly after it took effect, killing four people in the town of Rafah south of Gaza.





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