Demos held across globe against Israel aggression


People in several countries have held rallies to voice solidarity with the people of the besieged Gaza Strip as the ongoing Israeli onslaught on the Palestinian enclave claims more lives.

On Friday, Jordanians and Bahrainis, among others, held demonstrations, slamming the Israeli regime for more than a month of bombardment in the coastal enclave.

According to reports, the Bahraini demonstrators held the anti-Israeli rally in the capital Manama.

In the Jordanian capital Amman, thousands called for an end to Tel Aviv’s huge offensive against the blockaded sliver.

Demonstrators in Sri Lanka gathered outside the United States embassy in Colombo, urging Washington to pressure the Israeli regime to stop its aggression against Palestine.

Similar rallies were held in other countries, including South Korea, Belgium, and Pakistan.
“My brother, an oppressed Palestinian is calling me for help. This is not a single voice, it is the voice of thousands of Palestinian mothers, it is the voice of the children and elderly people there. It is the voice of bitterly crying and gasping oppressed Muslims. It is the voice of those who are breathing their last breath. God willing, we are present here. We assure our Palestinian brothers that our wealth and our lives are there to help you,” said a Pakistani protester.

Israeli warplanes have been pounding numerous sites in the Gaza Strip, demolishing houses and burying families under the rubble. Israeli forces also began a ground offensive against the impoverished Palestinian land on July 17.
About 1,900 people, including women and children, have been killed and nearly 10,000 others injured by the Israeli regime’s massive offensive that began on July 8.

Nearly 400,000 Palestinian children are in immediate need of psychological help due to “catastrophic and tragic impact” of war, according to the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF).



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