World denounces Israel offensive in Gaza

World denounces Israel offensive in Gaza

Several demonstrations have been held across the world to denounce Israel’s relentless attacks on Palestinians in the Gaza Strip, which have killed more than 1,800 people so far.

On Sunday, thousands of anti-Israeli protesters took to the streets in the city of Casablanca in Morocco, voicing outrage at Tel Aviv’s ongoing massacre of Palestinians.

The protesters waved Palestinian flags and chanted anti-Israel slogans, calling for an end to the Tel Aviv regime’s offensive against the coastal sliver.

In Japan, hundreds of people held a pro-Palestinian demonstration in the capital, Tokyo. They held a banner printed with the names of Palestinians killed as of Saturday and demanded an immediate end to the military assaults on Gaza.

Australians also staged a protest in Sydney, with people chanting anti-Israel slogans, such as “free free Gaza” or “Israel, USA how many kids have you killed today?”

Over one thousand people also attended a pro-Palestinian rally in the Netherlands’ capital, Amsterdam, holding small coffins symbolizing Palestinians killed in Israeli attacks. Organizers played an audio recording of an explosion and protesters lay down on the ground playing dead to show the situation of the people in Gaza.

In the Yemeni capital, Sana’a, people gathered outside the UN office in solidarity with Gazans.

Similar demonstrations were also held in the Pakistani city of Lahore and the Jordanian capital, Amman.

So far, at least 1,822 Palestinians have been killed in the Israeli attacks on Gaza, which began on July 8, and more than 9,400 others have been injured.

The European Union has, meanwhile, urged an end to the bloodshed in Gaza and asked both sides to the conflict to hold talks to find a political solution.



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