Israel faces eventual self-destruction: Analyst


Press TV has conducted an interview with Professor William Cook from Seattle about recent remarks by the Israeli prime minister.

What follows is an approximate transcription of the interview.

Press TV:
How do you react to Netanyahu’s statement that Israel’s actions are proportionate and that Hamas puts civilians in the line of fire on purpose?

Cook: I would say that… he lies what he is claiming, and the only addition I would make to that is it should not be Israel alone, it is the United States complicit with Israel in its invasion of Gaza.

We have, as you noted at the beginning, supported Netanyahu and his IDF with weaponry that we had there and all they had to do is to open the gates to get it. That is without question a use of American tax payers dollars to support a war which the world has denounced as absolutely untenable, amoral and beyond the pale of any kind of understanding of the conduct of people from one to another…

Press TV: How do you see the future? Do you think that the United States would come finally to the right side of the history or you think it will stand by Israel regardless?

Cook: I think the comment that Obama made about the unacceptable viciousness of the attack was probably something that came from his gut as he has watched this country destroy a people without thinking out how it is that it could have been done.

If tunnels exist, they have an exit, if the exit is in Israel, as Israel claims, they need not go into Gaza to find the tunnels. It would have been cheaper and it would have been just as effective for them to destroy them in Israel property or outside the borders of what they have made Israel property and not to invade and destroy human beings at the same time.

America’s responsibility here should not be overlooked. I would look at the future and see that what has been visualized by the world is an Israel that is acting in a demented state – I wrote about this on the 20th of July – and it is a dementedness that comes from two sources, one is the government itself, which is not a democratic government, it is in fact in-existence, because it is a religious supported government of the far right.

Netanyahu must in order to keep his position play to these people and he is himself somewhat encrusted with an arrogance that comes with superior power. What he does not see is that by deceiving the Israeli people, by claiming that Hamas caused the abduction and the death of the three Israeli teens, he is responsible for making a nation rise in vengeance and anger against the people and a government in Gaza that in fact was not responsible.

Inside of the Israeli government and inside of the far right settlers, who are rabid in their acceptance of their right to the land, lies the seed of Israel’s eventual self-destruction, because they have, and they did this month, announced to the world this is a way we treat people and it was devastating and horrific and the world, therefore, looked at it and realized this is not a friend of America, it is not a friend of anyone in the world.






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