Emergency Appeal — Donate For Gaza


Assalamu Alaykum Brother and sisters,
I started a campaign to collect donation to send Gaza,
in 2012 war too i did,got help from many last time,hope i will get support this time too.
some will ask how can we trust you,
Well,I don;t have anyone or anything to prove about my honesty,
but there is one witness.He knows the deal between me and you.He is Allah.
If his witness is enough for you,then give your support,your donation will reach directly to those who really need in gaza.
If he is not enough as witness,then do as you wish.
Please Visit this link to support my campaign.

in the above link website i have given links to find out more about me,and how to contact me.


Visit below link to know more about me.

I’m doing dawah from last 5+ years,this is my islamic blog.





hope these things will help you in someway,

May Allah swt unite us and give us ability to help those who need it.


 hope those who truly wish to support gaza and truth in Allah,

will help me to reach target and send help to Gaza….



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