Israeli newspaper forced to apologize for Publishing Gaza Aid Advert


 im really shocked…

this news is telling us , the nature of Israelis…

Angry complaints from Israelis have forced the Jewish Chronicle to apologize to its readers for running an advert appealing for humanitarian aid for Gaza during the Israeli onslaught on the enclave.

The advert by the Disasters Emergency Committee’s Gaza crisis appeal appeared in the weekly newspaper stating that half a million people in Gaza had become homeless in the latest attack, warning of a “humanitarian emergency.”

Althougth the newspaper stated that the advert was purely a “humanitarian gesture” and was “not an expression of the JC’s view,” a Facebook page was set up threatening a boycott unless a “full apology” was offered.

The newspaper later released a statement saying, “We have received complaints from readers angry at the decision. We apologise for the upset caused.”

The Palestinian death toll from Israel’s weeks-long military onslaught on the Gaza Strip rose to 1980 to Saturday, and at least 10,196 Palestinians have also been injured.



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