Palestinians don’t need permission to build a seaport and airport


A senior Hamas leader in Gaza said on Tuesday that the Palestinians don’t need anyone’s permission to build a seaport and airport. Mahmoud Al-Zahar also pointed out that the movement “will attack the ports of anyone who attacks ours.”

Al-Zahar was addressing thousands of Palestinians in Gaza who took to the streets to celebrate the “victory” of the resistance against Israeli aggression. He said that the resistance groups will continue to develop arms, capabilities and unity.

“The future is for us, not for the occupation,” he insisted.

“We have two goals: rebuilding every house destroyed in the war and to take a decision of the next war against the Israeli occupation on our own.”

Speaking at the same function, Islamic Jihad leader Mohamed Al-Hindi stressed the importance of unity between Hamas and Islamic Jihad “and all the Palestinian factions working for the liberation of Palestine.” According to the Acting Speaker of the Palestinian Legislative Council, Ahmad Bahar, the Palestinians are celebrating victory over the occupier in a “legendary” war, “something which the Zionists have never experienced for 60 years.”

The crowd responded by chanting, “Resistance is going forward… Resistance is the right way to regain rights.”


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