Israel kills three Gazans, stamps out family homes shortly before ceasefire


RAFAH, (PIC)– A barrage of renewed Israeli airstrikes rocking besieged Gaza on Tuesday afternoon claimed the lives of at least three Palestinian youths and knocked down three civilian homes just a few hours before a long-term ceasefire was to be put into effect.

The three young men were killed after an Israeli drone fired a missile on a civilian community in eastern Rafah, south of the Gaza Strip, an on-the-spot-observer reported.

Palestinian medics said Abu Youssef al-Najjar hospital received the three bodies of the killed youths, identified as: Ahmad Abu Jarbou, 25, Youssef Ghanam, 23, and Muhammad al-Ribati, 24.

Two more injured civilians were rushed to the hospital for urgent treatment.

The Israeli fighter jets shelled a civilian apartment tower in al-Sheikh Zayed city, north of the Gaza Strip.

At least 2,145 were killed by Israel’s mounting acts of terror rocking the besieged enclave since July 7.

In a related incident, the Israeli occupation warplanes hit on Tuesday afternoon the family home of prominent Islamic Jihad leader, Nafed Azzam in al-Barazil neighborhood, in Rafah city, razing the entire residential building to the ground, a by-stander at the scene reported.

The Israeli jets bombed at least two more civilian homes, belonging to the Subh and Jabeur families, in Jabalia, to the north of Gaza.

Political analysts said the fact that such attacks came a couple of hours before the launch of an Egyptian-brokered ceasefire deal between Hamas and the Israeli occupation, unveils Israel’s procrastination and lackadaisical attitude vis-à-vis projected peace processes in Gaza, unlike what has been spread around media outlets.

The Israeli occupation warplanes have stepped up their wanton raids on Palestinian civilian homes and cultivated lands throughout the Gaza offensive. Scores of Gaza offspring and women have gone homeless as a result while hundreds of others have lost their own and only livelihoods in the process.


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