250 Palestinian minors locked up behind Israeli bars


AL-KHALIL, (PIC)– At least 250 Palestinian children, below the age of 18, are incarcerated in Israeli jails and have been subjected to acts of violence that stand in sharp in contrast with all international children rights conventions, the Palestinian Ministry of Prisoners and ex-Prisoners Affairs said in a statement released Sunday.

The Israeli security apparatuses have been coming down heavily on the Palestinian minor captives throughout the detention phase and until their release.

The most excruciating violations are detected in the psycho-physical torture ways, including the act of forcing children to sit on the investigation chair chained hand and food and covering their entire heads with foul-smelling bags, in addition to depriving them of sleep.

Abrupt break-ins into children prison cells, solitary confinement, heavy beating, denial of urgent medical treatment, strip searches, and demolition threats, are some of the terror tactics, among many others, used by the Israeli prison authorities against Palestinian minor captives, paying no heed to their age and the future psychological disorders held in store.

Media representative of the Prisoners Ministry in Gaza, Rafat Hamdouna, called on children rights organizations to keep tabs on the situation of Palestinian minor detainees and adopt serious measures aimed at restoring their freedom by filing lawsuits demanding the prosecution of Israeli oppressive jailers and the annulment of the prison-terms issued through psycho-physical torture tactics and via illegal deterrent military courts.


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