Humanitarian campaign in Istanbul to collect one billion dollars for Gaza


ISTANBUL, (PIC)– The international public foundation to aid Gaza on Saturday evening held its first two-day meeting in the Turkish city of Istanbul with the participation of about 100 relief and charitable groups from around the world.

During the final meeting on Sunday, the participants declared their intention to launch an international donation campaign to collect one billion dollars to carry out rehabilitation and humanitarian projects in Gaza.

The foundation also intends to activate international aid campaigns and events for Gaza and coordinate with other organizations to break the blockade.

Speakers in the meeting called for necessarily taking all legal measures to prosecute Israeli war criminals in international courts.

They also urged the Palestinian unity government to shoulder its responsibilities towards its citizens in Gaza without discrimination and work on ending the blockade and building the seaport and airport as a human right for the Palestinians.

The meeting, which was held under the auspices of Qatar Charity, also discussed the size of devastation and humanitarian suffering that had been caused by 51 days of massive Israeli attacks on the population in Gaza.



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