Lieberman continues incitement campaign against Arab Israelis


Israel’s Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman has continued his incitement campaign against Arab Israelis on social media by describing a festival of solidarity with the Gaza Strip, which was organised in the Galilee on Friday, as “a demonstration to support terrorism” and calling the participants “traitors”, Arabs48 news website reported.On his personal Facebook page, Lieberman went so far as to call for Israel to put both the festival organisers and participants in prison.

Arabs48 quoted him Lieberman as saying: “Those who participated on Friday in the festival to support the Palestinian people in Gaza in the village of Kabul in the Galilee should celebrate for a long time in prison on charges of treason and supporting terrorism,” elaborating that: “The demonstrators, including Arab MKs, did not demonstrate out of human solidarity with the Palestinians in Gaza, but to express their support for the enemy who fought against Israel for almost two months. Therefore, they must be treated as traitors just like those who support any terrorist organisation. They must be tried and granted a moment of silence, as they did in the demonstration, but this time inside prison cells.”

He continued: “As for the Arab Higher Monitoring Committee, which organised the festival, this is more proof for those who run the state and turn a blind eye to the organisation, viewing it as a legitimate body; we tell them that this is not the case. We are talking about extremists who support the state’s enemies and holding dialogue with them sends a negative message to Arab Israelis who are loyal to the state, while sending a message of complicity to the extremists who support a terrorist organisation.”


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