Tension running high in Occupied Jerusalem as health status of Palestinian child (shot in head) worsens


OCCUPIED JERUSALEM, (PIC)– A state of swelling tension has flared up on the peripheries of Jerusalem’s Old City, particularly across Wadi al-Jouz neighborhood, following the exacerbation of the health status of Palestinian 16-year-old child, Abdul Majid Sunkqrat, shot in the head by the Israeli police on Sunday evening.

The wounded child was rushed to hospital for an urgent treatment after he kept bleeding due the skull fractures incurred by the injury. Medics estimated Sunqrat’s health status as “very critical.”

Rounds of clashes burst out in the area on an almost daily basis as a result of the raids launched by the Israeli security forces on Wadi al-Jouz, along with other neighborhoods adjacent to the walls of Jerusalem’s Old City.

In a related incident, a group of Palestinian youths have been on the alert to the attempts of three Israeli settlers to kidnap a Palestinian young lady in the Shu’fat neighborhood on Sunday evening.

Eye-witnesses said the Israeli occupation police broke into the area shortly after the settler attack and initiated a series of combing operations under pretext of searching for the Palestinian youngsters who foiled the abduction.

Israeli arbitrary abduction-campaigns of the same kind have occurred in earlier occasions and stepped up following the notorious Israeli kidnap and burning alive of Palestinian child Muhammad Khdeir in Jerusalem’s woods, a couple of months ago.


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