Gaza Under Attack

Gaza Under Attack

scroll down for a link for more photos

nov-18-2012-gaza-under-attack-al-dalou-family-massacre-311131_524570907554780_1268002004_n nov-18-2012-gaza-under-attack-539894_427489030649864_1021729290_n Gaza_Under_Attack_Israel_destroyed_BabAlShams__26 Gaza Under Attack_2012_534486_519223484754627_1230697000_n Gaza Under Attack_2012_1067_519286048081704_1427018553_n Gaza Under Attack_2012_nov-18-2012-gaza-under-attack-by-israel-photo-2012-11-18t101936z_966827211_gm1e8bi1eua01_rtrmadp_3_palestinians-israel Gaza Under Attack_2012_kids Gaza Under Attack_2012_bomb building Gaza Under Attack  (3)

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